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I am Susan, a medical content writer and a single mom currently handling marketing and content generation activities for Shop East West. A free soul, in my free time, I love to ski and go out shopping.

When my Pomeranian Teddy had a Urinary Tract Infection

I am an absolute pet lover and my Pomeranian Teddy means the world to me. He was gifted to me by my grandfather on my 10th birthday. Now I am 20 and Teddy’s completed a decade. He is not as … Continue reading

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How to have a healthy, happy, dog!

Many pet owners believe scratching is a normal behavior for dogs. Though occasional scratching can be normal, scratching excessively and licking at the paws could be a sign of a skin infection. A wide range of factors; including lack of … Continue reading

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Best natural remedies for itchy skin

When confronted with an itch, we usually toss all the self-discipline out of the door and scratch to our skin’s content. But remember – while this may satisfy you temporarily, scratching can injure your skin. There are better ways to … Continue reading

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Preventing worm infections in your kids

Taking care of children is a never ending task. There are a lot of things that have to be looked after in their daily routine, including their food, their school and studies, their health and hygiene. But, one thing I … Continue reading

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The battle of eyeglasses vs. contact lenses

Do you wear glasses? If yes, you may not have realized what contact lenses can offer you. Here’s a comparison between eyeglasses and contact lenses to help you know the benefits contact lenses can provide you over glasses. Buy Freshlook … Continue reading

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Toning your tummy after pregnancy

We tend to store layers of fats on our tummy due to a number of reasons, and the most common reason is pregnancy. Women gain weight around the tummy, which is very difficult to lose after delivery. Here are some … Continue reading

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First aid for treating wounds in horses

After the long winter break, I put my horse through a springtime conditioning regimen. Everything was going well when I noticed the horse was limping and was bleeding from one of his forelegs. My beloved horse had an injury, which … Continue reading

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A positive and effective approach to managing autism

Recent studied have made startling revelations that link the rising incidence of autism and schizophrenia to increasing pollution levels. It is suspected that the exposure to traffic-related air pollution and particulate matter during pregnancy and the first year of life … Continue reading

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Reasons why I think contact lenses are better than glasses?

Eyeglasses had been with me since more than 10 years. I started wearing them when I was just nine years old. In fact, I was even referred to as the “girl with thick glasses”. Though I was never ashamed of … Continue reading

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How my mom recovered from Schizophrenia?

My mother has always been my pillar of support. I always looked up to her every time I was in trouble and felt low. But, this time, I had to be the stronger one and support her! She was diagnosed … Continue reading

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