Hyperpigmentation Causes and Treatment: Spots on Face

When the melanin level in a certain area of the skin is destroyed, deactivated or increases, Hyper-pigmentation occurs. These affected areas of the skin appear darker than the rest. You will notice dark spots appearing on your nails too. Generally, dark skin patches occur due to excess deposits of melanin in one area. Sometimes, the skin also becomes darker as a result of harmful UV rays which increase melanin levels within the body. This causes the skin to tan. An individual develops Hyperpigmentation when his/her body is unable to regulate increased melanin production levels.


Hyperpigmentation Causes

Some Causes that Trigger Hyperpigmentation:

One of the primary causes for the occurrence of Hyperpigmentation is damage of the skin due to excess sunlight. Melanocytes in the body get activated and this in turn causes the body to produce extra melanin. This causes freckles or age spots or liver spots to develop on the skin’s surface. Hyperpigmentation increases if the skin is continually exposed to harmful UV rays thereby causing sun spots to become more prominent.

Another cause for Hyperpigmentation is hormonal changes that occur within the body. Pregnancy causes the body to undergo certain hormonal changes which in turn cause Melasma. Melasma is another form of Hyperpigmentation. However, these Hyperpigmentation marks fade away post pregnancy.

Addison’s disease is another major cause for an individual to develop Hyperpigmentation. Addison’s disease is a medical complication that is again related to the hormones within the body. This disease is extremely rare and occurs when the adrenal glands within the body get affected. However, only very rarely will Addison’s disease be the cause for the occurrence of this type of Hyper-pigmentation.

Another important cause for the development of Hyper-pigmentation are the reactions of chemotherapy, certain antibiotics, birth control pills and even anti – malarial medications with the body.

Autoimmune or even gastrointestinal problems may cause Hyperpigmentation. While on an ongoing course of medications for any of these, try to stay indoors during the daytime. Consult your healthcare professional if you have any further queries.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures that Help Treat Hyperpigmentation:

Here are some useful and effective cosmetic surgery procedures that will help combat Hyperpigmentation.

One of the most popular methods to get rid of Hyperpigmentation is Chemical Peels. The face gets cleansed by removing dead skin, clearing clogged up facial pores, clearing the dirt and dust that clings to the face and finally even removing whiteheads and blackheads. Skin discoloration is removed. The face gets an even color tone and looks fresh and radiant. Deep peels, superficial peels and Medium peels are the three types of Chemical peels available. Salicylic or various alpha hydroxy acids and even Glycolic are contained in a superficial Chemical peel. This superficial peel deals with basic Hyperpigmentation trouble. Trichloroacetic acid is present in Medium peels. Deep clean Chemical peels contain Phenol. Phenol is known to be a very effective chemical. It is important to remember that once the Chemical peel process has been completed, you must be sure to follow the dermatologist’s instructions and take extra good care of your skin, particular during the recovery period.

Another effective remedy to get rid of Hyperpigmentation is Microdermabrasion. This treatment method cleanses the skin using the exfoliation method. Microdermabrasion is very effective when it comes to getting rid of small scars, age spots and skin discoloration.

Besides the above mentioned cosmetic surgery Hyperpigmentation removal methods, Hydroquinone may also be used. Hydroquinone may be described as an extremely effective organic, aromatic compound. This particular medication has to be proved very effective when it comes to treating skin problems related to Hyperpigmentation.

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    I delivered my second baby almost a year ago. But unfortunately, this time around my Hyperpigmentation marks haven’t faded away like they did earlier! I am looking forward to trying this Hydroquinone medication out.

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