Kitchen Tips for Beauty and Skin Care

Many homemade beauty solutions utilize components that may be effortlessly found in the kitchen. Most of these products are usually natural and you may be certain that they would not cause harm to your skin.

A few organic beauty tips:


Kitchen Tips for Skin

Given below are a few homemade treatments for beauty as well as skincare:

For the purpose of treating dry and flaky skin mash ripe banana along with 2 to 3 tablespoons of organic honey. Mix this blend properly and use it all on your face and your neck. Now leave this on for around eight – ten minutes and after that wash it off using warm water. Honey and also banana possess deep hydrating and nourishing qualities which moisturize your skin as well as helps make it gentle and very soft.

To help keep the skin on the hands smooth as well as free of wrinkles, you could make use of a sugar and lemon scrub. Take 2 to 3 tablespoons of sugar and then add the juice of 1 lemon. Blend this mixture together and then apply it gradually on your hands. Massage softly in a circular action. After a few minutes, wash the hands using cold water. This would help in getting rid of dead cells and also brighten your skin.

One of the very best homemade beauty tips meant for eliminating darkish under eye circles as well as puffiness will be to utilize a mask made with a raw potato and cucumber. In order to make this mask, you have to peel the potato as well as a cucumber and then grate it. Now apply the grated cucumber and potato below your eyes. Leave the mask on for about ten – twelve minutes and after that wash your face using cold water.

With regards to blackheads on the nose you need to mash half a papaya then add 2 tablespoons of milk to it. Apply this combination on the face and massage delicately using your fingertips. Papaya possesses the enzyme known as papain which assists in eliminating dead cells and also unclogging the pores on the skin.

For the purpose of revitalizing dull as well as damaged hair you could mash an avocado and then mix 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil into it. Blend it nicely and apply it to your hair right after shampooing. After this wrap your head using a wet soft towel which has been soaked in hot water. After around 15 – 20 minutes, do away with the towel and then rinse your hair with warm water. You will notice that the hair will become quite shiny as well as smooth.

For dark spots on the skin utilize a mixture of horseradish in addition to vinegar. Grate this horseradish and extract its juice. After this, add a couple of drops of apple cider vinegar into the horseradish juice and then blend it nicely. Utilize this combination on the darkish spots and leave it for 15 – 20 minutes. Wash it off using water. Regular application of this can help to reduce the dark spots.

Most of these health and beauty suggestions for women are fantastic in order to acquire a youthful and healthy skin and also delay symptoms regarding aging.

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  1. Allan Solly says:

    Thank you for making this article. I liked information on skin care. Organic products are natural and do not contain any chemical. Natural products give natural glow to skin.

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