Moles and Their Meaning: Moles and Their Significance

Several people strongly believe that a mole may be used to analyze an individual’s character. The scientific name for a mole is melanocytic naevus. Are you aware that a mole on a particular area of your body has a significant meaning? A mole can appear anywhere on your body as it is nothing but abnormal pigmentation of cells.

Body and Facial Moles and their Interpretations:

Moles Meaning, Moles Significance

Moles Meaning and Significance

Moles define your lifestyle, personality, and your ability to take a decision. Mentioned below are various placements of moles and their significance:

Moles on the face have a specific meaning. However, we will first see the meanings of moles on some of the other parts of the body, beginning with the neck area.

Moles on the front area of the neck are believed to offer sudden gains and good fortune. Moles on the sides of the neck indicate that you are an unreasonable person and a mole on the back would mean that you are an individual that loves to live a simple and ordinary life.

Shoulders are another part of the body where you can have moles. They could be spotted on either, the front, back, left or right side of your shoulders. Moles on any side of your shoulder could signify you as a practical and sensible individual. They could also indicate that you are a very social, responsible and friendly person.

The human arm is next on the list. The arm would include wrists, fingers, elbows, and armpits. A mole on any of these parts would indicate something different which of course depends on the precise location. Moles on the arm would indicate that you are a calm and polite person. A mole on the elbows indicates a fondness for traveling, and a mole on the wrist indicates dependence. An armpit mole would indicate a reward for struggle in the form of wealth.

Next comes a mole on the stomach area which includes parts like, the navel area and chest. When there is a mole on either side of your chest, it indicates that you could be someone that loves to enjoy the luxuries of life; of course without putting in to much effort. A mole on the navel area would indicate lucky individuals who are blessed with a good family life.
It is extremely common to have moles on the back. If you have a mole on the upper half of the back, it indicates that you are a very responsible person who can take extremely good decisions. Moles on the lower half of the back would mean that you are an intelligent, creative as well as trustworthy person that can make friends for life.

Next in the list is the hip area. A mole on the hip area could indicate that you are a very spirited person who is content with life. It can further indicate that you are a passionate person. A mole on the pelvic region indicates the capacity for achieving wealth as well as success in life. Moles on your bottom indicate an easy and safe life.

And now the leg area that includes the thigh, calves, knees, heels and feet. A mole on the front of your thigh would mean that you are an optimistic individual who treats everyone with respect and a mole on the back of your thigh would mean that you have patience. Moles on the calves and shin area mean that you are an ambitious individual. A mole on the knee means that you have a lot of friends and live an extravagant life.

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  1. Mary Semorana says:

    Moles actually signify something? It is quite strange but at the same time interesting.

  2. Jennet Mario says:

    I really liked reading this article. It was very informative and interesting.

  3. Nash Harrision says:

    I have a mole on my right hand. So, I wanted to go through this article to see if it meant anything.

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