What causes Recurring Pimples on the Same Spot?

Several people, especially those in the age group of 11-19 years, suffer from acne on the face. What is quite peculiar about this is some patients complain that they get pimples again and again over some specific areas only. These common areas for recurrent pimples are the cheeks, forehead and the sides of the nose.


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Though it may sound very strange, this complaint of recurrent pimples at the same spot is experienced by many individuals. Many patients suffering from acne wonder as to, ‘what causes recurring pimples on the same spot?’ and here is an answer to the question. Below are provided the reasons for recurrent formation of pimples on the same spot:

·      Fluctuation of local hormones in our skin: it is known that hormones play a major role in the formation of acne. These hormones are released beneath the skin and act on the surrounding parts. Some parts of the face may have increased and sustained release of hormones responsible for acne. Such areas, obviously, are more prone to the development of pimples.

·      Weakness in follicular wall: some parts of the skin may have a weakness due to lack of collagen or repeated injuries. Also, some parts of the skin get rubbed against rough surfaces repeatedly, while performing any day-to-day activities. The follicular wall in this region does not develop properly and this results in weakness in the follicular wall of these regions. Due to this, the skin keeps breaking out at these spots making it prone to recurrent pimples.

·      Constant touching of the same part: some patients have a habit of touching the same part of their body, especially the face, again and again. They may do this out of sheer habit or shyness or awkwardness of gestures. This can also happen while performing any work in their normal routine activities. As a result of constant touching of the same part, there is repeated irritation of the area, making it prone to infections and inflammation. Thus, these areas become common spots for recurrent pimples.

·      Improper care of the skin: it is very essential to wash the body parts, especially the face, thoroughly with a good soap and plenty of water to maintain the hygiene of the skin. If a person is not taking proper hygienic care of their skin, then the dirt stays on the part inviting formation of pimples. Also, the skin becomes more prone to infections in those areas that are not routinely cleaned by the person. These area become spots for recurrent pimples in individuals suffering from acne.

Apart from this, some rare causes of recurrent pimples on same spot are repeated attacks of constipation, dietary errors and deficiency of vitamins. Some people may have an unexplained predisposition for these peculiar recurring pimples at the same spot.

Patients suffering from recurrent pimples at the same spot can use Clindapene Gel for faster results. It is a combination of Adapalene and Clindamycin. Clindamycin is an antibiotic that acts against infections caused by anaerobic organisms. Adapalene complements the action of Clindamycin by increasing its penetration. Clindapene Gel should be applied over the affected parts 2 times in a day, as long as the symptoms persist. Patients should wash the part thoroughly with clean water before the application of this gel. Care should be taken to avoid areas of lips, eyes and mucous membranes while applying it. Patients should reduce the dose of Clindapene gel, to once in a day, if they develop any irritation of skin after using it. Patients can see the results of Clindapene Gel within a few weeks of using it.

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3 Responses to What causes Recurring Pimples on the Same Spot?

  1. Jayson Rexs says:

    I am a 33 year old female and I had a complaint of acne since almost 10 years. After using Clindapene gel for a month, the frequency and severity of the acne is much reduced. I strongly recommend this gel to all those suffering from acne.

  2. Laurene Janie says:

    I liked this article very much. The information provided about the reasons for developing recurrent acne at the same spot is surprising. I think everyone should take good care of their skin to avoid such problems.

  3. Janie Fah says:

    I am a 16 year old boy and I was suffering from recurring acne over my nose since the past 2-3 years. I used Clindapene Gel for it, for 2-3 weeks. After that, my acne disappeared completely. I must say that this is a very effective gel for acne.

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