Lymphedema is a serious disease, but there are a number of effective treatment options available.

Lymphedema is a combination of tissue swelling and fluid retention. These phenomena occur because the lymph passages get blocked and as a result the lymphatic system swells up. The lymphatic system keeps the lymph vessels and lymph nodes in control. This internal function allows the immune system to function properly. This helps the body stay protected from the invasions of foreign substances. There are two types of this disease – primary (hereditary) or secondary (the lymphatic vessels get injured). There are various types of Lymphedema. This is because this disease develops in different parts of the body and due to different reasons.

The most common causes of Lymphedema are surgery, lymph node dissection (the lymph nodes are removed using surgery) or radiation therapy (therapy used to treat malignant caner cells) or during breast cancer. This disease may also be caused due to the onset of other diseases that might plague the lymphatic system or even accidents. Lymphedema even develops due to the use of a certain medication called Tamoxifen. Use of this medication is known to cause deep vein thrombosis or blood clots. Vascular abnormalities are also another cause for this disease to occur.

•    Varied types of injury
•    Skin infections, such as cellulitis
•    Tumors (body tissue that grows abnormally)


Lymphedema Symptoms

This disease has very prominent and select symptoms, such as persistent or chronic swelling usually of the leg or arm.

A qualified healthcare professional will provide suggestions to treat Lymphedema. Treatment for the same may also be provided by a certified Lymphedema therapist. The kind of treatment administered depends on how severe the disease is. The level of fibrosis of the affected limb is another indication that will help your healthcare professional to determine what kind of treatment is required. Manual compression, lymphatic massage, bandaging or compression garments are some of the most commonly available treatments of Lymphedema. To receive maximum benefits from your treatment, ask your healthcare professional to combine these individual types of treatment. However, these treatments may even be administered separately.
There are various other treatment options for Lymphedema. But, you must let your physical therapist or healthcare professional decide which treatment method will best suit your condition. The right decisions taken will help you recover at the earliest.
•    Manual lymph drainage
•    A wide range of exercise regimes
•    Using a pneumatic compression pump will help you
•    Compression stocking may be worn on the affected area
•    Taking care of your skin by preventing infections or injuries and avoiding breakdown of skin cells

Different types of surgical methods may be adopted to treat Lymphedema. These methods will prove useful, but to a certain extent only.
•    Liposuction
•    You can get the abnormal lymphatic tissue removed
•    Transplant of normal lymphatic tissues to areas with lymphatic drainage

•    Axillary lymph node removal combines with a simple mastectomy procedure
•    Undergoing Lumpectomy combined with the removal of the Axillary lymph node
•    Radiation therapy and cancer surgery for a region where lymph nodes are present

•    You must exercise as regularly as possible and maintain a healthy diet
•    You must not lift anything heavy with the affected arm or leg
•    You must try and avoid wearing tight shoes, jewelry or tight fitting clothes
•    Do not let your skin get infected and be aware if you develop an infection

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