Spermatorrhea covers numerous and various types and patterns of involuntary ejaculation.


Spermatorrhea is described as a condition wherein there is an involuntary ejaculation of semen in excess. This medical condition occurs without the man having experienced an orgasm. This medical condition may even be described as ‘accidental release.’ Wet dreams and nightfall are two other medical complications that arise in the case of men. These wet dreams and nightfall medical complications are categorized under the Spermatorrhea category of health – related – issues. This medical condition is found to be more common in men who are not sexually active.



The symptoms related to Spermatorrhea are listed as follows:

  • Fatigue
  • Isolation
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • A loss of appetite
  • Dullness in the eyes
  • Lack of concentration
  • A considerable loss of energy
  • Frequent desire to go and urinate
  • Experiencing an involuntary orgasm
  • The man loses interest in sexual activities
  • Experiencing pleasure from obscene stories
  • The glands of the penis tend to become cold and flaccid
  • An itching or crawling sensation in and around the genital organs
  • The quantity of ejaculation is way more that what is considered normal


There are so many reasons for the occurrence of Spermatorrhea. One of the main causes of this particular complication is related to the man’s kidneys. This is as per the Chinese History of Medication and Treatment (CHMT).

There are certain other causes that lead to Spermatorrhea as well:

  • Fatigue
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Frequent masturbation
  • Tightness of the foreskin
  • Inflammatory stimulation


Spermatorrhea treatments are vast and of numerous types. But, there are also a few innovative methods that should first be tried and tested out! But, before your try out any of these suggestions that have been mentioned, you have to be sure that your healthcare professional is made aware of this.

  • Read good books
  • Cold water bathing
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Have a hygienic relationship
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes when you sleep
  • Divert your mind with other activities of your interest
  • Your diet should include garlic, onions and ginger
  • Follow a regular and relaxed exercise regime, such as Yoga
  • Try and drink juices made from fruits, such as pineapple and plum


Besides the above mentioned Spermatorrhea treatment options, there are certain medications that have also proved to be extremely effective in the past. However, make sure that you do not begin taking these medications of your own accord. It is absolutely necessary that inform your healthcare professional first. These medications must be taken exactly as has been prescribed to you by your healthcare professional. It is not advisable to take dosages of these medicines on your own!

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