Eye Color Personality Traits

Eye color is genetically confirmed, and is the combination of both your parents’ eye color; a lot of observations have already been made in regards to a person’s personality depending on his/her eye color. They talk of the person that you are, about how you contend with the various scenarios in your life, and how you endure all the adjustments within your life. Eye colors may range from black to blue as well as brown. In the information stated below, you will see what eye colors mean, and how they describe you.

Some eye colors as well as personalities:


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Just before we take a look at eye color explanations, it should be understood that there’s no formal research that will affiliate an eye color to a specific personality trait. These are simple observations which have been made over time, and then compiled to help you in answering your queries about the meaning of eye colors.


People with hazel colored eyes possess the capability to heal themselves; they also display sensitivity and empathy towards other people, and are also fun loving people. Individuals that have hazel colored eyes are usually beautiful. They will have extremely unusual relationships that tend to be brief. People that have hazel colored eyes are very different and love trying out innovative things. They are chance takers and will hardly ever shy away from accepting challenges.


Those individuals who have black eyes are extremely sensuous, in addition to being extremely secretive. Black is an uncommon eye color and individuals who have black eyes are usually known as not sharing a great deal with regards to themselves or their lives with other people.


People with brown eyes tend to be more grounded, and therefore are never swayed by materialistic needs or behaviors. They are really very close to nature. They really are independent and mentally tough. People that have brown eyes are incredibly attractive, adorable and aim at making new buddies. They are very reliable and will do anything for people who are special to them in their lives. Brown eyed individuals are unquestionably very kind in addition to loving to cheer other people up.


Individuals who have gray eyes are known to portray a deep internal strength that will not be affected by any external pressure. People with gray eyes are much more sensitive and profound. They have the capability to manipulate themselves in accordance with their environment.


People that have green eyes are spiritual in nature. They really are vibrant individuals and yet compassionate at the same time, and are even identified as being quite creative individuals. Individuals with green eyes usually have very long lasting relationships and possess probably the most amount of love whenever they are in relationships. Individuals with green eyes can be associated with being incredibly good looking.


Blue-eyes are commonly referred to as the most beautiful eye color, and people who have blue eyes are usually associated with being extremely good looking. Individuals with blue eyes tend to have the longest lasting romantic relationships. Certainly one of their most important goals would be to make other individuals feel satisfied. Individuals with blue eyes tend to be assertive and also straightforward, and are filled with life and also have an acute sense of observation.

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17 Responses to Eye Color Personality Traits

  1. Jayson Mics says:

    I completely agree with this. My boyfriend has black eyes and his traits are very similar to what you have mentioned.

  2. Jennifer Robert says:

    I have really never been complimented regarding my looks, however I agree when you say that people with brown go out of their way to help others, because that’s what I do and I have brown eyes!

  3. Martin Demolo says:

    My girlfriend has green eyes; however not all but a few of the personality traits that have been mentioned, do match her personality.

  4. amber says:

    so what then would you consider people with blue green eyes then?

  5. Genesis says:

    What about my eye color? It’s amber

  6. Sara says:

    My eye colour is blue, green and some hazel along the side, so…

  7. callum says:

    mine have a dark grenn inside then yellow middle light green out side and then a very dark blue ring around it
    what about me?

  8. Victoria says:

    Blue eyes… sounds like me, for sure. Straightforward, assertive, and desirous of making others feel satisfied/happy… yep, that’s definitely me.

  9. James says:

    I have blue eyes and everything there is true and i have a girlfriend who has green eyes so we just are perfect :)

  10. Jessica says:

    Ummm….I have turquoise eyes (blue and green and some gray,,,,,sometimes a bit of hazel) and that is so true….I love nature but I’m not exactly gorgeous or great looking and I have internal strength no one can break

  11. Gregory says:

    My eyes are more of a gold color and resemble a sunflower. Is there anything you can tell me about mine?

  12. Lo says:

    Mine are a light grey, almost the color of steel. but around my pupils is a bright gold. weird because my mother has dark blue and father dark green.

  13. Suzanne says:

    My eye color changes “green/blue” mostly depending on my mood but can also change depending on what color I’m wearing etc. if I’m in a relaxed & calm state they are usually blue or a bluish/green, if I’m either very angry, upset, happy or otherwise in a intense or passionate mood then they turn a bright intense green or even aqua color which then can be like a cat with aqua eyes & staring or a distance they will look red.

  14. Lahhhim says:

    If you people are obsessed enough with eye colour, go gluten free. trust.

  15. Lahhhim says:

    I know for myself mine changed dramatically to a deep green. And a girl i know at my college who’s gluten free has crazy eyes. Theyres like all these diamond prisms withinin her eye that like alternate colours, and from a distance her eyes stand out abnormally in shine and what not… very interesting..

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