Supermodel Kate Moss’s Shocking Drug Scandal

The pictures of the gorgeous and most sought after supermodel Kate Moss while snorting cocaine, came as a big shocker to most of her fans. Her pictures while indulging in cocaine along with her friend Pete Doherty showed her in a very different light. Supermodel Kate Moss’s shocking drug scandal made everyone wonder about the reach and extent of cocaine addiction all over the world.

Kate Moss's Drug Scandal

Super Model Kate Moss Durg Scandal

Viewers could see her inhaling a fat line of this very dangerous drug and then as this white powder induced a sudden wave in her brain; she rocked back in her place and started laughing hysterically. The drug had started its effect. She was getting a ‘kick’ and was enjoying it thoroughly. She did it again and again. She sniffed the drug by rolling it into a five pound note.

It was quite evident from the pictures that were captured by the newspaper that this supermodel was a practiced drug abuser. There were rumors of Kate Moss’s drug addiction for several years, but she always denied them. The revelation of her drug addiction was a big blow on her reputation; but, it struck as much worse to the governing authorities and anti-narcotic departments, who used to make a lot of efforts to create awareness about the downsides of drug addiction.

Here is an attempt to make people understand the ill effects of cocaine addiction.

What is cocaine?

Cocaine is an addictive drug that acts just like heroin or nicotine by tapping into the natural dopamine pathways of the brain. The drug acts by binding itself to the proteins in the brain, which are responsible for the transportation of dopamine. Due to this, the dopamine levels build up resulting in a feeling of being ‘high’. It makes you feel on the top of the world whenever you take it. However, the pleasure goes down as soon as its effect is over, making you consume more and more of it resulting in addiction. Also, the drug creates a tolerance in the body over a period of time; which means that the person has to take more quantities of the drug to get the same amount of pleasure every next time.

Symptoms of cocaine addiction:

Sudden change in the attitude and behavior of a person should raise a suspicion about addiction to cocaine. Some important signs of cocaine addiction are described below –

·      Recurrent legal problems of the person

·      Social and relationship problems

·      Neglecting everyday responsibilities

·      Preference to spend time with new friends and avoidance of old friends

·      Suicidal thoughts, bouts of depression

·      Homicidal behavior, violent conduct

·      Mood changes

It is important to detect the people under the influence of cocaine addiction at a very early stage. If the addiction is detected at a later phase, the modes of treatment become very difficult. Cocaine addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to come out of. If such an addiction is suspected, the patient should be counseled by an expert health practitioner along with detailed medical examination of the patient. Patient’s general health should be assessed to understand the effects and severity of the drug on the body. The aim of treatment should be abstinence, rehabilitation and prevention of relapse. Patients may need detoxification therapy to reduce the effects of withdrawal of drug. The treatment of cocaine addiction involves medications, counseling, family education, in-house treatment, behavior therapy and rehabilitation. It should be kept in mind that incidences of relapse of addiction are very common in cocaine addicts. Hence, there should be a regular follow up of the patient even after he or she looks seemingly well.

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3 Responses to Supermodel Kate Moss’s Shocking Drug Scandal

  1. Eveila Meghana says:

    The news of Kate Moss’s drug addiction was indeed very shocking. Celebrities like her should be cautions about their conduct in public places. This article has explained the signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction in a proper manner. Thanks for the useful information.

  2. Janet Capiza says:

    I tried many diet plans but none seem to be working. Then a friend recommended slimtone capsules. I was skeptical in the beginning. But as I started taking them, my appetite gradually reduced and I was eating within limits. At the same time I started drinking more water. There were no side effects and I felt wonderful and energetic. The weight gradually started reducing and I have almost lost 10kgs.

  3. aida says:

    i love kate moss and support her with all these stories

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