What Causes Dry and Brittle Nails and Hair?

Often we’ve seen our nails crack and split and our hair get entangled in the comb after brushing it. This is a very disappointing sight to all of us! This problem is quite common in both women and men. This phenomenon isn’t considered a serious illness. However, it is interesting to know what causes dry and brittle nails and hair.

Causes of Brittle Nails

Dry Brittle Nails and Hair

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Stress is one of the main factors that cause nails to get brittle and hair fall too. Stress does not only affect an individual’s psychological state of mind and physical well – being, but even causes numerous dermatological complications. Some of these are brittle nails, hair loss, acne, etc. Hair starts to fall and skin becomes oily when levels of the stress hormone called cortisol within the body increases. You know a person is stressed when they start picking and biting their nails. This eventually causes the nails to become brittle and then break. Distortion of the nail plate occurs when one constantly rubs their fingers over the thumb nail. This too is a sign of stress which gradually leads to nails getting brittle.

Nails also tend to become brittle over time because of vitamin deficiency. A lack of vitamins also causes hair fall. Some of these vital vitamins are vitamins A, biotin, vitamin B, Inositol, vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin E. When blood circulates properly beneath the scalp, healthy sebum in the scalp reduces the adverse effects of free radicals. Sunlight, pollution and smoke cause these free radicals to develop.

An individual suffers from iron deficiency when the healthy red blood cell count in the body is low. Since red blood cells are the main carriers of oxygen, a deficiency of iron or Anemia indirectly causes hair to fall and nails to get brittle and break.

Exposure to chemicals causes the nails to become dry and brittle too. Using excess nail polish or even the wrong type of nail polish weakens the nails thereby causing them to eventually crack, chip and even break. Excessive usage of soaps, nail polish removers or even detergents causes the nails to become brittle and dry.

When the body is exposed to chemotherapy or even any kind of radiation treatment, it not only eradicates the disease, but harms healthy cells too. This causes nails to become very dry and brittle. Sometimes, the nails even start to turn yellow.

Causes of Dry and Brittle Hair

Your hair loses its natural moisture if you wash your hair very often and that too with a harsh shampoo. Lack of moisture in your hair will make it dry and brittle and eventually cause it to break. While purchasing shampoo, make sure that it is a mild one and contains natural components which will provide your hair with nourishment, luster and shine. Use shampoo which contains sodium laureth sulfate. It is very gentle on hair and provides hair with the required moisture too. But, even with a mild shampoo, do not wash your hair more than a minimum of twice or a maximum of thrice a week.

Hair straighteners, blow dryers, curling tongs, etc are all heat styling appliances. These products remove moisture from the hair, thus making it dry and brittle. Regular use of these products on your hair is another cause for hair fall.

Dryness in the environment is another cause for hair to become brittle and dry. This eventually causes it to break and fall.

Eating healthy food is very important to prevent your hair from drying up and getting brittle. If the body does not receive the required nutrients, hair fall occurs.

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