Hair fall has become a major issue for the men of today, how does one deal with it?

Every individual’s hair has different characteristics, such as compactness, texture and color. These characteristics make up the individual quality of our natural hair. But, when it comes to taking care of your hair then elasticity, how porous your hair is and density of your hair also matters. However, there is more than one reason when it comes to hair loss! Frequent and extremely severe exposure to the sun, an improper diet, using chemicals, bleaching and even falling ill,  or high levels of stress at the work place are some of the main causes.

Reasons for your Hair fall:

Hair Fall a major issue

If you  feel that you are experiencing abnormal hair loss, go and visit your healthcare professional and get him/her to conduct certain medical tests for you. You losing hair might also be caused underlying medical complications, such as lupus or diabetes. In this sort of a situation, your healthcare professional will ask you certain questions about your food intake (your daily diet – what you are eating and what you ideally should be eating). Your healthcare professional will also like to be informed of whether or not you are taking any medications (which might be the cause for your hair loss too) or if you have suffered from any recent medical complications.

Controlling Hair fall:

•    To control “common baldness” (male – pattern baldness or permanent – pattern baldness), every once or twice in a week you should make it a point to get a good head massage done with warm coconut oil.
•    Another way to curb hair loss is to make sure that you keep your scalp clean and free of bacterial and fungal infections. Do not let your hair stay oily and dusty for very long. Regular hair washes with a good anti – dandruff shampoo will work wonders.
•    Another method to curb your hair fall is the proportionate combination of a paste of Amla and Shikakai powder with castor oil. To this you must also add a paste of neem leaves and fenugreek seeds and eggs. Apply this paste to your scalp and let it stay for some time. Wash your head with a mild shampoo or an herbal shampoo.
•    When you regularly eat nutritious food, such as green and leafy vegetables, fresh coconut, meat, fish, eggs, yogurt, cheese and almonds, your hair loss will automatically reduce. You must even incorporate a lot of different forms of vitamin A into your diet. Avoid eating too much fat and sleep at the proper time.
•    Hair fall reduces considerably if you try and make it a point to eat a lot of fresh fruits and other vegetables and drink milk every day.
•    The one most important thing for you to do to prevent “common baldness” (male – pattern baldness or permanent – pattern baldness) is drink plenty of water. Have other forms of liquid also, such as soups and juices.
•    Lessen your intake of coffees and teas.

Other ideal remedies to prevent your hair from falling:

•    The ideal option for you to control your hair fall problems is by taking generic Propecia which is available to you in tablet form. You even have the option of generic Rogaine (Minoxidil 2% solution – 60ml).
•    Take up yoga to calm your stressed mind and nerves. This works wonders and helps you to completely relax.
•    You can effectively control and prevent hair fall by washing your hair with a mild herbal shampoo everyday. This keeps your hair follicles clean and does not allow dust and germs and dirt to clog up these pores. Clogged hair follicles will first result in dandruff and then your hair will begin to fall.

Propecia Generic

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