Health Problems due to Junk Food Intake

Some health problems caused due to junk foods:

Junk food is known to cause weight gain. Due to the high levels of calories and trans fats present in junk food, there is an accumulation of fat as well as development of insulin resistance which is an early indication of diabetic disorders. In time this weight gain could lead to other disorders such as, high blood pressure, cardiac problems, increased cholesterol levels, blockage in arteries, depression, loss of muscle mass and so on.


Junk Food Health Problem

Junk food increases your intake of cholesterol which leads to the thickening and blockage of arteries. This in turn could lead to an obstruction in the blood circulation causing high blood pressure. The blockage of arteries can also lead to heart attacks or possibly a complete cardiac arrest.

Some meats used in junk food include nitrates, artificial sweeteners as well as monosodium glutamate. These contents are known to increase blood circulation and cause migraines. An increased blood flow can also cause headaches and a hungover feeling.

Processed foods that are used in junk food are loaded with Trans fats, which increase bad cholesterol levels and reduces good cholesterol. At times processed meat can have almost 45% of excess Trans fats in comparison to other foods.
Junk foods lack antioxidants, omega-3 oils, and folates that are needed for good mental health. Junk food contains emulsifiers, preservatives, stabilizers and flavour enhancers which could affect the mental health. A feeling of depression could be one of the negative effects of junk foods.

Junk food contains a large amount of sodium that could lead to hypertension or high blood pressure. Sodium is essential for the body but in moderate amounts. An excessive intake of sodium could lead to a build up of fluids in individuals already suffering with kidney disorders and liver cirrhosis.
Fatty acids present in junk foods are one of the main causes for sexual dysfunctions; not just does it lead to weight gain but it also brings about biochemical changes in the body which in turn affect the libido, female ovulation and sperm count.
High levels of sugar and fats could cause blood sugar levels to rise and fall suddenly. People who are addicted to junk foods tend to enjoy this feeling of a sudden rush of euphoria which makes them dependent on it. One the many negative effects of junk food are the constant cravings that it causes amongst individuals.

Junk foods are packed in wrappers. These wrappers are coated with perfluoroalkyls that stops the greasiness of the food from being absorbed by them. This grease enters the body of an individual and causes several health problems.

In case we decide to overlook the harm caused by Trans fats, high calorie contents, and low fiber contents, there is another negative affect of junk food which is food contamination.  Processed meat is sometimes contaminated with Escherichia Coli and Salmonella. There is always a risk of illness caused by undercooked hamburgers.
Junk foods can lead to depression as well as an unhealthy lifestyle. It is always advisable to consume a healthy and balanced diet accompanied by daily exercise if you want to avoid this. Hope this information has helped you to understand the negative effects of eating junk foods. Remember – a happy life begins with a healthy lifestyle.

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5 Responses to Health Problems due to Junk Food Intake

  1. Racy mosi says:

    I freak out on junk food. Pizzas, fries or burgers, anything does for me. However, I will try and reduce my intake of junk foods.

  2. Peter Parker says:

    I am not much of a fast food person. But, occasionally I do tend to go overboard with these tasty tit bits. It is really surprising to see that they also have some health problems.

  3. Jenita Moorey says:

    it was very helpful fo me

  4. Menon Kevin says:

    I am glad to have come across this article. Will make sure avoid these foods and keep the extra weight off.

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