Insomnia Cure: House Remedies and Natural Cures for Insomnia


Reasons for insomnia can vary from stress as well as depression and also certain underlying healthcare issues. This particular disorder is generally classified into 2 kinds – primary insomnia as well as secondary insomnia. In primary insomnia, sleep loss isn’t linked along with any other illness, however in secondary insomnia; sleep loss is usually induced by some underlying health related situation, for instance bronchial asthma or depressive disorders.

Individuals definitely need approximately 7 to 8 hrs of sleep daily. But, there are lots of individuals who don’t get even half this quantity of sleep. Many individuals choose to deal with insomnia naturally, by making use of natural remedies which are easily accessible at home. These natural methods of treatment for insomnia are really helpful, particularly while dealing with acute insomnia. Most importantly, they do not result in any kind of unwanted effects.

Some natural home remedies for Insomnia:

Insomnia-Cure Insomnia-Treatment

Insomnia Cure

A cup of milk, accompanied by a pinch of cinnamon and also a spoonful of honey, prior to going to sleep will give an individual troubled with insomnia a sound sleep.

Blending two teaspoons of Fenugreek leaf juice along with one teaspoon of honey and then consuming this blend just before going to sleep everyday assists in treating insomnia.

Because of its relaxant qualities, having a teaspoon of fresh Valerian juice just before sleeping is very helpful in getting rid of insomnia.

Having a combination of celery leaf juice, as well as honey will help in inducing sleep in the situation of sleep disorders.

Consuming salvia tea just before going to bed assists in the troubles with insomnia.

Piper longum powder taken along with jaggery, accompanied by a cup of lukewarm milk is amongst the natural cures for insomnia.

A combination of cumin seeds along with mashed banana consumed right after dinner is really an ideal herbal treatment for insomnia.

Foods abundant in vitamin B in your everyday diet of can help you with your insomnia troubles.

Lettuce possesses a sleep inducing substance, known as lectucarium, which is quite effective in treating insomnia.

Curd is considered as an ideal remedy for insomnia. Massage your scalp using curd; this will bring about sleep in an individual struggling with insomnia.

Honey along with milk is also utilized to cure sleeplessness. A cup of lukewarm milk along with a tablespoon of honey assists in coping with insomnia.

Put a teaspoon of aniseed in boiling water and then drink it. This can help in inducing some much required sleep for individuals experiencing sleeplessness.

Lavender has volatile oils. This aromatherapy oil contains a soothing affect. Lavender oil could be applied underneath your pillow to get some sound as well as peaceful sleep. Breathing in lavender oil also provides a soothing affect on the nerves and helps in treating sleeplessness.

These are a few of the basic and efficient natural home treatments to cure insomnia that have been utilized for a very long time now.

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