Natural Diuretic Foods and Drinks

Fluids tend to accumulate in the body as a result of edema (water retention). These fluids cause many areas of the body, such as the ankles, to bloat and swell up. The good thing is that edema can easily be cured with just the help of natural diuretics and may not require any prescribed medications. Weight gain is a very common phenomenon which is generally accompanied by edema. However, weight gain too can effectively be brought under control with the help of natural diuretic food and drinks. Natural diuretics are quite effective when it comes to treating kidney complications, such as kidney stone formation. Most often, individuals suffering from certain health issues, such as kidney, heart and liver complications, sciatica, high blood pressure, etc are more prone to developing edema (water retention) too.


Natural Diuretic Foods

So, what exactly are diuretics? A diuretic is defined as a substance which aids in removing excess water from the body via the urination process. Diuretics are of 2 types – synthetic and natural. Synthetic diuretics are available in over – the – counter medications. These medicines have to first be prescribed by your healthcare professional for you to be able to take them. A natural diuretic is easily obtainable through consumption of certain natural herbs and food items. Natural diuretics will not cause any side effects.

Here are a list of some herbs and even natural food items which not only possess diuretic qualities, but even enhance the process of diuresis within the body.

A chemical alkaloid called Asparigine is found in Asparagus. This chemical is known to effectively enhance the removal of certain waste products from within the body. The removal of waste products in turn helps the kidneys function more efficiently.

The levels of Potassium are able to be maintained at optimum levels with ease with the inclusion of Apple Cider Vinegar in your daily diet. Besides this, Apple Cider Vinegar is also known to possess natural diuretic properties.

Vitamin C may be found in abundance in tomatoes and citrus fruits. Vitamin C is very useful when it comes to releasing any extra storage of fluids stored within the body. Tomatoes can also be consumed regularly and frequently as they can also improve the metabolism of the body.

Garlic contains certain oils which are known to possess cleansing properties. Garlic breaks down and then gradually flushes fats out of the body.

The pH level of urine is maintained with regular consumption of Cranberry juice. It also helps to dilute urine and increase the frequency of urination.

Brussels sprouts stimulate the pancreas and kidneys. This helps to cleanse body cells and tissues.

Oats contain Silica which is a natural diuretic substance, and can be regularly consumed.

Dandelion leaf has very high in mineral and potassium content. This aids the diuresis process effectively as well as helps to retain potassium.

Green tea is very effective and is one of the oldest forms of a natural diuretic.

Parsley helps to flush out toxins from the kidneys by stimulating the process of urination.

Not only the plant, but the seed of Celery contains high levels of sodium and potassium. This is an effective combination to stimulate urination.

Lettuce is very useful in enhancing the rate of metabolism and even flushing out toxins from the body.

That was as far as diuretic foods. But, now when we talk of natural diuretic drinks, it would be silly not to mention water! But, only drinking water is not the answer to the problem. So, some very popular diuretic beverages that will also assist in frequent metabolism of the body are Coffee and especially Green tea.

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