Misoprostol Treats Stomach Ulcers

Millions of Americans suffer from stomach ulcers every year. Stomach ulcers vary in size and are typically found in the range of 1/8th of an inch to 3/4th of an inch. Stomach ulcers are commonly observed in mastocytosis. A stomach ulcer can be a sign of another underlying disorder. If a person bleeds from the stomach ulcer, it may spark off another condition called as iron deficiency anemia.

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Misoprostol Uses

Causes of Stomach Ulcers

One of the direct causes of stomach ulcers is the destruction of intestinal mucosal or gastric lining of stomach done by Hydrochloric acid – contained by digestive juices in stomach. A type of bacteria, Helicobacter Pylori often causes an infection, thus leading to both duodenal and gastric ulcers. Through contaminated water and food, the infection may be passed from person to person. Weakening of gastric mucosal lining and enfeebled mucous defenses are also one of the primary reasons for causing stomach ulcers. Genetic predisposition, excess release of hydrochloric acid and stress are also other principal reasons for developing and worsening duodenal ulcers. Another direct cause of stomach ulcer is the long term use of anti-inflammatory drugs, for instance aspirin. Smoking also, often triggers stomach ulcers and may impede ulcer treatment.

Symptoms of Stomach Ulcers

The immediate symptom of a stomach ulcer is gnawing or burning sensation in the stomach that may last between 30 minutes to 3 hours. The discomfort is usually observed in the upper abdomen, however sometimes it may be felt below the breastbone. Hence it is often misconstrued as heartburn. Some individuals feel pain immediately after eating, while some feel pain not until a few hours after eating. You can relieve pain by using antacids, resting or drinking milk. Anemia, bloody stools and continuous vomiting in addition to weight loss and appetite are the other signs of a stomach ulcer.

The Best Medication to Cure Stomach Ulcers

Misoprostol is a part of a class of drugs named as prostaglandins and is widely prescribed by the doctors to cure stomach ulcers in people taking anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin. Misoprostol aids the stomach to guard itself against the harm from stomach acids. Misoprostol contains an active agent known as cytotech, the functioning of which is analogous to the activity of natural stomach shielding prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are natural chemicals in body. Misoprostol and natural prostaglandins both act on the same receptors. Misoprostol gets bound to the receptors in stomach to activate the production and release of protective mucous. It creates a protective layer on the intestine and stomach and controls stomach acid manufacturing, thereby curing stomach ulcers.

You are suggested to take Misoprostol tablet with or after food, and before bedtime. The quantity and the frequency of dose are based upon whether you are using Misoprostol to cure stomach or intestinal ulcers. For the appropriate dosing method, refer to the instructions on product label. For people taking anti-inflammatory medications, the typical dose of Misoprostol is 200 micrograms 4 times every day or 400 micrograms 2 times every day just before going to bed.

Misoprostol may set off uterine rupture or tearing, if taken in the third trimester of pregnancy and may also cause bleeding. You must take the health-care-provider’s consent, should you take Misoprostol in this phase. There is a possibility of diarrhea, nausea and stomach pain, which usually subsides after some time. Nevertheless if you feel that these effects are continuing for a long time, call the doctor right away. Make sure that you tell the physician if you ever have had allergic reaction to Misoprostol.

Misoprostol Generic

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3 Responses to Misoprostol Treats Stomach Ulcers

  1. Lance Brandon says:

    I have used Misoprostol for chronic stomach ulcers last year. It’s so safe yet effective; I never had any side effects. Since then, I have been taking adequate care and haven’t had any episode of stomach ulcers.

  2. Peacock Runner says:

    I would certainly advise stomach ulcer patients to use Misoprostol. I would also like to add, if you want quick relief, adhere to the regime your doctor has recommended; else it will simply delay the process of healing.

  3. Glen Micson says:

    Wow! Looks like this is a wonder drug! My sister is a chronic patient of stomach ulcers. She has tried several medicines, but to no avail. Think I should consult the doctor regarding Misoprostol.

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