Herbs for Men’s Health

Herbal medicines are being used on a massive scale to boost human wellbeing. These days, herbal medicines are available for pets as well. Countries like India and China have been promoting the use of herbs since hundreds of years. However, more aggressive steps need to be taken to further enhance the awareness on herbal importance. What makes herbs so important for us? Well, because of their medicinal value and other benefits, many doctors prefer herbs as a medical therapy in conjunction with conventional medical treatments.
Because of the high costs involved in the production of modern medications, many people are growing more inclined to the usage of herbal medicines, which are more affordable.
In today’s world of alternative medications, several hundreds of potent herbal medicines exist, which offer countless benefits for men’s health. Whenever we discuss men’s health issues, problems like prostate problems, male infertility and erectile dysfunction are the most talked about problems, in addition to various other physical and mental conditions.

Herbs for Men’s Health

Asian Ginseng

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Panax Ginseng or Asian Ginseng has been employed for about 2000 years as an effective medicine for mental and physical ailments. The use of Asian ginseng has scientific backing for treating erectile dysfunction. About 1800mg dose of Asian ginseng taken every day for approximately 3 months improves both capacity to maintain erection and libido.


Maca, also called as Lepidium meyenii efficiently treats fertility problems in men and also acts as an aphrodisiac. It’s widely preferred as alternative treatment to drugs such as Viagra for male impotence. Maca works most effectively between the doses of 1500mg – 3000mg a day, depending upon the severity of the problem.

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen, a vegan product that consists of the pollen gathered by bees and accumulated in the hive, is an antioxidant that works as the best medicine for treating enlarged prostate. Amongst various issues related to men’s health, prostate problems have been on the forefront for years. Research has proven that bee pollen immensely improves sexual pleasure and reduces painful urination to a significant extent.


Lycopene, a pigment found in shrimp, watermelon and tomatoes has established itself as a remedy that cures as well as prevents the growth of prostate cancer cells. Consumption of foods enriched in Lycopene over a few years kills cancerous cells in the prostate, thus treating prostate cancer.

Himplasia – The Best Medication for Prostate Health

In some situations, doctors prescribe the use of medications in combination with herbs. After taking these drugs for a certain period under the doctor’s supervision, you can stop taking them and continue with herbal treatment as per doctor’s recommendation. You should note that herbs, medicines or any other form of treatment has to be taken under a health care provider’s guidance. A medication that has gained attention for maintaining sound prostate health – Himplasia, is the most effective and safe medication composed of ingredients such as processed agate, Cratavea nurvala, Asparagus racemosus, Areca catechu, Caesalpinia bonducella and tribulus terrestris.

The ingredients mentioned above work collectively by blocking the action of enzyme 5 alpha reductase, which is mainly involved in the conversion of testosterone. It also has the capacity to block alpha receptor activity. This leads to improved bladder and prostate health and better urinary flow.

Make sure that you use Himpalsia only after you discuss with a doctor about its usage. Himpalsia is typically prescribed to be taken as 1-2 tablets twice a day with a meal.

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3 Responses to Herbs for Men’s Health

  1. killer miller says:

    I have been a chronic patient of enlarged prostate for several years and have tried taking several medications. After coming to know of Himplasia, I decided to give it a try. My problem was completely cured within 3 months of usage.

  2. Peter thomas says:

    Herbs are of great help not only for men’s health but for women’s health as well. I have experienced a significant improvement in urinary function after I started using Himplasia.

  3. James Anderson says:

    Herbal medications are quite helpful in treating several disorders, however you should note that these work best if you follow certain dietary regimens and have a healthy lifestyle.

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