Acupressure Points for Weight Loss: Alternative Weight Loss Options

Acupressure and Acupuncture are two vital forms of ancient Chinese treatments. There is no involvement of herbal medications in these types of treatment. In the Acupuncture form of treatment, needles are used. On the other hand, Acupressure treatment involves appropriate pressure being applied to different points on the body.


Acupressure Methods

Not only are physical complications taken care of using Acupressure, but this method of treatment helps uplift the emotional state of mind of an individual too. When applying pressure, if the key points on the body are targeted properly, blood circulation throughout the body is accentuated and muscular tensions ebb away. Adequate blood circulation is necessary as it is the blood that heals various ailments. Through frequent Acupressure sessions, body energies get balanced out properly which in turn helps a person to stay healthy and strong.

Certain Acupressure Points to lose Weight

To be able to identify the exact Acupressure points that will aid in weight loss, it is necessary to seek help from a reflexology map of the entire body. This map helps you locate these pressure points easily. Know that when pressure is applied to these points to help lose weight, pain is experienced. This is quite normal, so do not get alarmed or apprehensive.

The appetite – control point is the first point that is worked upon in the case of obese individuals. To curb unnecessary eating, it is necessary to stimulate this point. To find the point on the human body to keep one’s appetite under check, move the jaw upwards and down. Place a finger on the exact point of where the jaws move. You will find a slight protrusion of the ear. This is the exact point that controls the appetite. Press this point for 2 – 3 minutes before every meal.

The next Acupressure point is for a weak digestive system caused by obesity. Pressing this pressure point accurately will help nourish the chi and the blood. This will gradually strengthen one’s weak digestive system. This point is called St 36. A four – finger width just below the kneecap with one finger, towards the outside and off the shin bone will help you locate this pressure point easily. While applying pressure to this point you should flex the foot. When you start to feel the muscle beneath the finger gradually move, you known the pressure point is correct. Once found, you must apply equal pressure on the points on either leg for about 15 – 30 seconds. Pressure applied on just one leg will create an imbalance within the body. Pregnant women must not apply pressure on Point 36.

Spleen 9 Acupressure point can be found close to Acupressure point St 36. Once the St 36 point has been found, slowly slide the fingers towards the inside of the legs and upwards in the direction of the knees. You will find a natural depression behind the knee. This depression is called Spleen 9 Acupressure point. Stimulation of this pressure point regulates water metabolism within the body.

The Acupressure point corresponding to the large intestine is on the inner side of the elbow crease. Move your finger away from the elbow, leaving only a gap of one finger width towards the inner side of the elbow crease. While applying pressure to these points, place your arm close to the body. First apply pressure to this point on one arm and then on the other.

Along with a healthy diet these Acupressure points are effective in losing weight. But, you must consult your healthcare professional before trying out Acupressure.

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