Herbal Tea as an Appetite Suppressant


In case you can’t stop yourself from wanting to eat fries, or hold off the cravings for ice-creams, an herbal appetite suppressant tea could come to you as a savior. Let’s see how these teas could benefit you in connection with your cravings for food. Most herbal teas are good for health but, green tea could be the best amongst them, especially as an appetite suppressant.

Green Tea: As an Appetite Suppressant:


Herbal Tea Appetite Suppressant

In case you are thinking whether green tea will work as an appetite suppressant or not, stop thinking because the answer is yes. A study revealed that green tea lowers the intake of food and also reduces the body weight. Another study revealed that green tea increased the body metabolism and therefore, increased fat oxidation. Almost all studies regarding usage of green tea as an appetite suppressant have shown a positive relation between the consumption of green tea and losing weight.

Green tea is processed very lightly and then, unlike other teas it is dried and steamed, not fermented. Green tea possesses Polyphenols that encourage the burning of fat. It also possesses caffeine which is a stimulant and diuretic. In addition to this, green tea is an excellent anti-oxidant and therefore, it is an ideal appetite suppressant.

How does green tea work as an appetite suppressant?

Green tea lowers cholesterol levels in the blood by increasing the quantity of healthy cholesterol within the body.

Due to the thermogenic properties that green tea possesses, it assists in increasing one’s overall energy levels as well as burning additional calories.

As a result of the fat oxidation processes that occur because of green tea, it naturally increases energy levels.

Studies have stated that chances of developing cancer decreases with regular green tea intake. Green tea is also known to enhance the immune system besides providing several other health benefits.

Individuals suffering with heart – related complications, overactive thyroid or even kidney trouble must not drink green tea. It has also been stated that pregnant as well as breast feeding women should not drink green tea either.

The ideal way to drink green tea is with no sugar, milk or any other ingredients added to it.

Other Appetite Suppressant Teas:

There are two other known types of appetite suppressant teas which assist in weight loss. These teas are oolong and pu-erh. By drinking these teas, your calorie intake will be much less than if you were to drink other beverages.

Pu-erh is fermented twice. This tea also contains microbes and special enzymes that are essential for your body. This tea helps with reducing blood cholesterol as well as improves the fat metabolism.

Oolong tea is made using an exclusive drying method which retains the metabolism stimulating attributes present in it. Hence, it can be utilized for weight loss.

Baozhong tea is considered to be somewhere between oolong tea and green tea in the list of appetite suppressant teas. Since it is steamed right after picking and is not oxidized, it offers similar benefits to green tea.

Yellow teas as well as white tea are also good anti-oxidants. They are regarded as a milder form of appetite suppressants.

In order to lose weight, it is important to be strict with your eating habits. A simple way to do that is to drink appetite suppressant teas.

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