Food Cravings during Pregnancy and Gender

Food cravings are a part of the list which includes the symptoms of pregnancy. Causes for food cravings still remain unknown. But, it is considered as an indication of nutritional deficiency. Researches and scientists continue to research the causes for food cravings. Mentioned below is an overview of food cravings experienced during pregnancy.

Some common food cravings experienced during pregnancy:

Food Carving Pregnancy

Food Carving Pregnancy


A craving for spicy food during pregnancy could mean that the body requires something in order to maintain its temperature. Due to a deficiency of zinc the body may not able to regulate temperature. Hence, it could be giving signals via food cravings.


A lot of pregnant women experience a feeling of wanting to eat something sweet like, ice-cream, chocolates etc… Chocolates are known to stimulate a release of serotonin. The serotonin brings about a feeling of happiness and increases the feeling of well being. A chocolate craving could also signify a deficiency of magnesium. Sugar cravings have been identified to show a deficiency of different types of minerals and even vital elements such as carbon, chromium, phosphorus or sulfur.

A craving for fruits like strawberries, peaches or cantaloupes would indicate a deficiency of beta carotene. Orange, yellow and red colored fruits contain beta carotene. Beta carotene is considered as a good source of vitamin A. One must never neglect these food cravings and should realize that it is an indication of what the body is demanding.

A craving for meat indicates the need for protein. One needs to include adequate amounts of lean meat such as, fish, chicken, turkey, lamb as well as eggs which supply the body with enough protein, in the diet. One could also eat lentils, legumes, beans, whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal and so on.

Salty and Sour foods:
A craving for sour and salty foods is extremely common during pregnancy. It indicates the lack of sodium and vitamin C in the body. Common cravings during pregnancy also comprise of tomatoes, dairy products, lemon, and cheese.

Some cravings also include non edible things such as, chalks, laundry detergent, dirt, toothpaste, coal, and so on. These are referred to as pica cravings. These cravings could seriously affect a mother as well as her baby’s health. It’s supposed that these weird cravings that are experienced during pregnancy come about due to the deficiency of calcium or iron. At times, pregnant women could eat such non edible things in order to overcome the feeling of nausea or vomiting.

Hormonal imbalance, deficiency of vitamins and minerals can lead to food cravings during pregnancy. Pregnant women should not give into pica cravings in order to ward off symptoms of vomiting and nausea. They must make an attempt to stay clear of foods that don’t offer any nutritious benefits. Although pregnant women need a lot of nutrients and calories they should try and avoid foods with excess sugar or salt. Obese women must avoid foods which are rich in fats as well as sugar. Pregnant women could opt for foods that are low in fat. They must include lots of nuts, dry fruits, fresh vegetables and fruits in their diets along with chicken and eggs in order to make up for the deficiency of vitamins and minerals.
Food cravings during pregnancy and gender:

Everyone likes to guess the baby’s gender. It’s believed that if there is a craving for salty and sour foods, cheese, meat, potato chips and popcorn then it could be a boy and if there is a craving for ice creams, candy, chocolates and desserts it could be a girl!

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